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Welcome to Business-Intelligence-ERP.com, a new portal that reports about news and events in Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) world. This area (Data Analytics, Data mining and Business Intelligent solutions) is really a hot trend today for a lot of reasons – there are a lot of arguments why companies are setting up Business-Intelligence-ERP projects but the most important argument is “it just works”. The business experts point that the nowadays business is facing a challenge of Big Data – the huge amounts of unstructured or semi-structured data that comes from your company/customers/business environment but the experts assure that Big Data is not a disease or a problem – it`s a valuable information that really helps understand how your business performs. A lot of companies, such as kostumer og udklædning, ure shoppen and several others are already digging their data in order to find the valuable numbers, leads, trends. It is obvious that you are already one of them or you are going to start the Business Intelligence project as soon as possible. How to get started with Business intelligence and ERP in general? How to leverage the best Data Analytics Solutions or other data mining solutions? How not to get lost in all these applications, vendors, BI components? The site Business-Intelligence-ERP dot com gives the answers on all these questions in a friendly and non-marketing way. We are not posting for brands we are posting for truth and real business value.

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Welcome to www.business-intelligence-erp.com the WEB space for CFOs, CEOs, CIOs and other executives. We are open to questions and discussions on ERP and Business Intelligence topics – if you have something to ask or state then do not hesitate and contact us. So take a look at some of the many data mining, data warehouse and analytics tools which can be used to improve your own business quite a bit and set your company on the right path on the top of it’s niche. We also write about specific tasks and cases, like the one we recently did for Baby Bæreseler, in order to track data on their new global website.

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Due to relocation of our webmaster we won’t be updating this website with new articles for the awhile, but feel free to explore our current articles on ERP and Business Intelligence and learn more about how you can improve your company with these types of systems.