Baby Bæreseler – data mining the baby gear industri

For the last few months I have been on a project for Baby Bæreseler, a company selling baby carriers and other types of baby gear. The baby gear niche is a huge niche, especially when you are selling to the global marken. This makes it really important to collect as much data as possible, and later take action on those data to get the most out of your business.
Being a relativ new company, it didn’t have any ERP system or a large business intelligence system to track everything in, but had to rely on data manually added by the employees and from Google Analytics. In this case we had to consider the following tasks.

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Collect data about visitors to Baby Bæreseler

When people are visiting the website for Bæreseler it’s often because they are looking for things like baby carriers, baby strollers, autoseats, baby slings, baby wraps or some of the other types of baby equipment, new parents often need for their baby, nyfødt or smaller children.
When I started on the task, they didn’t collect any types of data. They had a vague idea about which of the baby items was selling well and which wasn’t selling at all. So we started out by installing Google analytics in order to track the customers, and see how they used the website.
It took awhile to collect enough data to actually be useful, but afterward we were beginning to get a picture of how the most custuomers was using the Baby Bæreseler website.

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Implement goal and conversion tracking on

Knowing how the visitors navigate the site isn’t always enough. We also need to know how they interact with the website, and in order to find out more about this, we had to setup some goals. Goals like adding to basket, signing up for newsletter, using the contact form and of course transaction tracking too. Now we were suddenly getting a much better picture of how the average user, was using the website. But also importantant information about which products was selling good, and which people didn’t buy or even looked at. Was people mainly buying Baby carriers, was it autoseats, baby strollers or something entirely different? Now we could measure it, and use those informations to promote certain products or change others.
For instance if you got a page about babyudstyr or baby gear and want’s to see if the phrase “Find gode ergonomiske bæreseler til din baby” was better than “finding the best baby carriers for your baby” then you can use splittesting to see which your customers prefers. Often the results of those splittest will surprise you.

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Split testing landing pages

Another good thing about data analysis, is that we could now setup 2 various of a landing page and so splittesting. Splittesting means that roughly 50% see one example of the landing page, and the other 50% see the other version. Then after awhile we could compare the data, and see which was performing the best. This is a great way to improve your conversions on a website and increase sales. Often small things like which color your use, or the text in a heading can affect how people react to your landing page. If it doesn’t perform as well, as you had hoped, you should consider changing it and do a splittest, to see if the new improvements works better.

Babyudstyr som bæreseler, baby autostole, barnevogne og meget mere.

Finding the best selling baby gear

When you have analytics installed, and conversion tracking through the google analytics code, or the Google Tag Manager implemented, you can begin to see which of your products are doing best. If 1000 visitors see your page about type 1 – baby carriers, and 1000 visitors see your page about another type of baby carrier, how many end up buying one? If most buy type 1, then you can easily see it’s more popular and very likely the model you want to spend more money on advertising.
Without these type of data it’s very hard to run an online webshop, or any other kind of online business for that matter. The more information you can collect about your visitors, the better it is.