Big Data keeps rising but still is in its infantry

How big is Big Data really?
using big data for baby bæreseler - the number one supplier of baby gearToday there is no such question as is Big data of interest or not. Obviously Big Data is already here and it is time face this challenge. But still Big Data issue and Business Intelligence adoption is at the infantry stage. According to the results of the recent survey (April, 2015) where 339 data manager professionals involved in the data management tools and processes were interviewed and made clear that most companies still have not implemented the Big Data strategy. This survey was conducted by SAS and SourceMedia and will be definitely interesting for the companies which are looking for BI implementation. Now most companies like Amazon, Baby bæreseler, Facebook and many others are using Big data in order to maximize their profits.

Only few organizations are taking advantages in the proper way with strategy and implemented analytics tools gathering data from product, customer or other data sources. Speaking about particular numbers of the survey, just 12 percent stated that they “currently operate analytics tools and use in Big data strategy daily”. So what holds the others back? The respondents answer that they do not know enough about Big Data (21 percent), other (15 percent) say that they simply do not understand the benefits and the rest (9 percent) experience the lack of support, the lack of data quality. Most of respondents (70 percent) state that they use data to make decisions for organization, 43 percent manage data for making decisions in customer services field, 18 percent work with data for product decisions. Also, when it is about the customer data most of respondents (66 percent) gather business consumer data (so called business-to-business data) and 59 percent of specialists collect end-consumer data. These days a lot of major companies like Google and Facebook, are using big data to improve their products. Just imagine the amount of data processing it would take, to do BI on millions of facebook profiles. It requires some really powerful super computers, and some well optimized algorithms.

Speaking about another side – business-data one, there are 62 percent of respondents that gather data from the selling side and nearly same number – 61 percent that gather product data. Most business intelligence companies are stilling working on new ways of dealing with huge amounts of data or big data but so far very few of them have give us a solution that works 100%