Business Case: Expanding the sale of Airtrack outside of EU

Another interesting business intelligence case I worked on recently was the Swedish company Airtrax, selling the popular Airtrack gymnastic mats. For several years they only sold their products within Sweden, but lately they have expanded and are now selling in all of Europe, but mainly Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany.

What is an Airtrack?

The Air Track is a gymnastic tool what has gained a lot of popularity over the last 4-5 years. It’s basically a gymnastic mat which have been filled with 10-15cm of air, making it a lot bouncier than the regular gymnastics mats. They come in various lengths, ranging from 2.4 meter to 10 meters. The younger kids will likely enjoy the smaller and cheaper Airtrack Mini, while the larger or more skilled people are going to love the larger Airtracks Talent trainer, which gives even more bounce.

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Why use the Airtracks?

There are 3 reasons why people use an Airtrack instead of the classic gymnastic mats. For some it’s just as a better alternative to a standard gymnastic mat, in order to get a little extra bounce, and no hurt yourself when you land. For others it’s because it’s easier to do the various moves and tricks on the Airtracks. For instance, if you can do 80% of a back flip without an Airtrack, you are likely to do a full one, when using the air track gymnastic mat. This additional help makes it much more fun to practice and helps you become skilled gymnastics faster. The last reason people use an Airtrax is that it helps them do moves, that wouldn’t be possible without the aid of one. You could always use a trampoline, but it’s not quite the same. Some of the more expensive Airtracks, enables you to get more than 60% additional height on your jumps, which can help you do a whole new range of gymnastic series.

Why use an airtrack gym mat?

As you can see Airtrax has a great product with a lot of potential. And it was also selling pretty well in Sweden, and even with only a Swedish webpage, they were often getting enquirers from people outside Sweden. So, expanding to the rest of Europe made excellent sense.
But in order to do so, they needed a bunch more data. They had some through their Google analytics, but it was far from enough to build a good business model.
So, for 3 months, I helped them get all of their data in order and being able to analyze their data from different angels. This helped them build a solid business strategy for expanding outside of Sweden.

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Taking it to the next level

The first thing we did was to launch a few new websites (add-ons to the existing system). One for .eu, one for .de and one for .no. Getting the content translated, adding some fresh images and minor graphical updates. Next step was to get all the shipping agreements in order, picking the right carriers and figuring out export taxes and all. There was actually quite a few legally things to get in order here, but once that was done, it was time to start selling in Europe.

For the first 2 months we didn’t do much advertising, but instead use the few customers that found us organically to tweak the system and weed out the various bugs. After that it was time for some full-blown marketing.
Now you can buy an Airtrax Airtrack mat in most of Europe, and it’s a product that people really love.