Discovery oriented BI

New business analytics solutions are the real spreadsheet killers

spreadsheet for analyticsThere are a lot of new Business Intelligence (BI) solutions emerging on the large and midmarket areas with more and more analytics. These solutions have easy user-friendly interface and powerful dashboards that can manage huge amounts of Data. This type of analytics is called self-contained analytic discovery environment that includes the built-in data connectivity layer. Speaking about technologies this solution combines a visual discovery environment with a canned data virtualization layer. On the front-end it is exposed as a mash-up of spreadsheet, OLAP, data virtualization tools. Connectivity is the Achilles’ Heel of BI and this is solved. This type of BI differs from the traditional ones and has other dashboards and ways of visualization – the discovery-oriented visualization. It works simply: you can drop a spreadsheet into any business running process; of course there are a lot of spreadsheets that already used in the processes, event that ones which have been enriched by Business Intelligence. If the Business Intelligence tools are not in use any more the spreadsheets do not go away. Very often these spreadsheets stay in team and are the stuff that helps the analytic work get done.

So the discovery oriented BI reminds a spreadsheet and in fact complements the running business process by dropping into them so that the spreadsheets become interactive dashboards with more functionality that lets business units to create valuable reports relying this technology when it comes to discovery oriented BI and results.