ERP plus BI equals great Business Insights

business insightsToday most large and mid-market businesses run Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and a lot of companies are already leveraging Business Intelligence (BI) solution. If speaking about ERP and BI implementation it is impossible to say “100%” or “all” but it is true if you will say that 100% of organizations (small market, mid-market, large ones) are facing the challenge of Big Data – the a collection of unstructured and semi-structured data in so huge amounts and complexity that it is impossible to store and process it with the help of traditional analytics tools. Here you meet the Data Mining area with BI and ERP analytics tools – the right way to collect, store, process and then leverage the data turning it from unstructured numbers into the useful and valuable business reports.

ERP for baby bæreseler

Another big task was to setup the ERP system for baby bæreseler, a company selling baby carriers and baby gear online. They had just expanded to a global marked and wanted to focus more on their data, in order to optimize their business and sell more baby carriers. Read more about this case here at Baby Bæreseler – business case

ERP is already an obvious demand for manufacturing companies and a question of competitiveness and resource spending. One ERP system can manage Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relations Management, Financial issues, Manufacturing and Warehouse functions. Running ERP analytics the management is able to make some intelligent reporting with the help of the data that is stored in the ERP marts. But the decision-makers should understand that ERP system with its Reporting tools is not powerful enough for making detailed and accurate business reports on resource and costs spending, trends, tracking of departments, customers, inventory, and store units. With the help of drilling down reports, graphs, geo maps, tables every manager can be a great decision-maker who understands how business performed yesterday, how it is doing now and how this business will be performing this year. Business Intelligence components are the way how you can feel the market and win your competitors using the available data of your company, your customers and the possible data of your competitors.

So we advise you to use Big Data factor and we believe that ERP data is the foundation of success while the Business Intelligence is the key to this treasure.