Getting results with Business Analytics in 6 steps

what is business analyticsImplementing Business Intelligence think beyond technology to realize how an analytical approach influences on the operations of the organization, but what is business analytics and how can you benefit from it?

A lot of companies are ready to invest in Business Analytics and any approaches that can leverage Big Data and turn it into the valuable information but there it is still a difficult issue – how to invest money in the right solution, implement it, get the value and make ROI. Here you go, six steps that will help you deal with Business Analytics. See more here at

Most of Business Intelligence and analytics projects fail because of spending too much time doing on what can be done with business analytics versus what business analytics should do. Only with focusing on analytics process – from strategy to results a company can have not activities but results. Business Analytics in 6 steps:

1. Define the strategy of analytics that is flexible

Analytics must be embedded into strategy and planning so that it is able to help build more flexible business with an ability to participate rather than react. That changes begins not only with the implementation of hi-tech and costly technology but there also must be recognition of company that now they have to rely on the data and metrics as well as all decisions and business steps must be considered according to the new business reports. There is a technique that helps management to handle Business Analytics – to design an end-to-end strategic road map which consists of short-medium-and-long term analytics achievement where each of them has a resulting ROI and its value is generated by prior projects feeds the costs of downstream efforts.

2. Do focused analytics activities

This step should make DNA of the end-to-end analytics process. With this step you start transforming strategy into the tangible analytics results. Performing this you have to use data mining, predictive modeling, demand analysis, supply chain and customer segment analytics.

3. Analytics in business activities

Since technical solution is already created and properly works it must come alive inside the business environment of the company. Find the right key business person that probably is not in IT field but really understand the company`s needs and realities. This person will be the decision-maker and will create business reports.

4. Integration the technology

The required level of integration depends on the type of package you have implemented with videoovervågning. But In most cases you will be constructing the solution so that it could fit your industry`s and company`s needs, size, market. Of course solutions differ but it is strongly recommended to choose the intelligent one so that you will be able to predict and analyze your business.

5. Communication

It is very important to set up nice and working communication system between the people who will access to business analytics. You can do it in traditional way but there are a lot of modern Business Intelligence solutions that provide team with really good business communication space that is available 24/7 via Internet and works on mobile devices. It allows you to react immediately to the changes. This is also important for niches such as ure, brænde, briketter and kostumer. Both on mobile devices, tablets and other types of digital media.

6. Establish a performance management discipline

To win market means to recognize all your failures and success with kameraovervågning. Set up a set of goals for every single step written above where every step must include at least 3 goals and try to run all implementation performing implementation with the 15 goals and help you getting results with Business Analytics by following our 6 simple steps.

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