The opportunity of BI market in theses

As states Gertner, Business Intelligence (BI) is the second-fastest growing software enterprise market with 16.4 percent growth annually. Thus, the BI market topped over 30 billion in 2012. However there is still the question whether managers really understand the reasons and the scale of growth or not. Because it is very important to sense the emerging Internet Market and Big Data opportunity. This is already not simply the buzz words but the tools that help get leads and make money.

The experts admit that in the future analytics and the caring about data will be the part of everyone`s job.

Today one of the most interesting fields of BI market is the Accessible BI – it improves the productivity of the small companies. This market comprises 27.7 million of businesses and is the really untapped area. The new generation of easy and low cost intelligent solutions suit small enterprises strategy and help them build really powerful analytics that they never had before. These solutions are mainly cloud-based and propose easy access to the data for a smart month prices. Also, small businesses are already leveraging the data visualization tools. Systems such as Briketter, Videoovervågning, Brænde and Kostumer can be used to analyse data, but they lack the more advanced and useful features of a the real BI systems.

One company who gained a lot from their BI solution was abekatten, a swedish company behind the popular climging wall Klatrevæg – read more about this case in our old article here on

In 2013 mobile devices becomes the vital tool for the marketing and whether it is good or not, these devices allow business to get in our personal lives. The managers can check sales numbers at gym. Now you have a 24/7 access to your online office and can manage the business immediately. Good news for the companies of course but it is even more interesting for analysts because Business Intelligence adopts mobility and provides you with the data simply with the access simply from your smartphone. Something that worked really well for baby bæreseler and other similar companies. This feature already is the demand for well-known BI vendors, such as IBM, Oracle, SAP and Targit. It is recommended to deal with mobile BI because this is exactly how the future looks according to the reports. So start analytics and future right now.

Here’s a little video for those who wish to learn more about Business intelligence and figure out what it’s all about: